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    Always Choose Adventure

    Embrace the digital nomad lifestyle while sharing

    the world with your children, just like we have.

    Our destinations

    European Culture

    Traveling through Europe affords a family endless opportunities to experience history and different cultures first hand. From the beaches in summer to the alps in winter, there is always a seasonally-perfect adventure awaiting your family. 

    Portugal is a good home base for digital nomads, and with a relatively low cost of living and the proliferation of low-cost airlines it is a popular location to use as a home base to explore the rest of Europe. 

    Whether you are going to spend a year working abroad and want to book a series of weekend adventures with the family, to taking a one month long staycation, we can help you find the perfect European adventure for your family. 

    Portugal Basecamp >
    Percy Jackson's Greece >
    Spanish Futbol >
    Norwegian Adventures >
    Icelandic Nature >

    Portugal is a Great Place for Digital Nomads

    Magical Asia

    Asia is filled with many areas on and off the standard travel route that are great places to bring your family. Ancient history and cultures with unexpected localized customs abound.

    Many digital nomad families base their Asian adventures in Bali as there is a strong digital nomad community there. Many expat families live in Bali who travel throughout Asia for business and pleasure, then return to the warm climate and perfect surf. 

    Japan is also full of adventures for children of any age, and plenty of activities for adults. Singapore is probably the ultimate destination as a child, as everything is Disney-esque and larger than life, even the airport will amaze.  Never a dull day awaits when choosing an Asian destination. 

    Japanese Temples >
    Bali Surf Camp >
    Singapore Style >
    Cherry Blossoms >
    Philippine Life >

    Fushimi Inari Temple to Relax from the busy digital nomad life!

    Middle East Gems

    Our youngest daughter was only four when she asked to go to Egypt. Following in the footsteps of the Pharoes we trekked up and down the nile in search of the Bastet cat statues she was fascinated with. 

    I wasn't sure at first about taking our young children to an Arabic-speaking, muslim-faith country, but we have now visited several and it has been a wonderful experience each time. 

    Whether you want to ride camels in the desert of Morocco, or visit the pyramids and tombs of ancient Egypt, we can help you experience these amazing cultures and explore the local ways of life. 

    Pyramid Viewing >
    Moroccan Treks >
    Turkish Hammams >
    Kane Chronicles Tour >
    Ancient Petra >

    Family Trip to See the Sphinx in Egypt

    African Safaris and Beyond

    There is nowhere better in the world to see animals than Africa. From safaris in the Kruger National Park, to the penguins of Cape Town, the natural life abounds. But that may not be the case forever. Many animals are nearing extinction due to poaching and development reducing their habitat. Bring your children to Africa now to see in person all that is wonderful in the natural world, and experience the amazing culture.

    South Africa is especially rich in both nature and cultural experiences. The Cradle of Humankind is a must visit, as it gives a glimpse at our most ancient ancestors and how they lived. Visiting townships  and Robben Island gives an empathy to the struggles faced by many Africans under colonial rule. Without learning history we are doomed to repeat it, so we believe in sharing these adventures with our children whenever possible. 

    South African History >
    African Safari >
    Penguins and Nature >
    Victoria Falls >
    Devils Pools >

    On our month long safari in Africa this giraffe and her baby used to visit our house!

    Central and South America

    Often the first adventures as digital nomads are a little closer to home. For international adventures from Mexico to Argentina we have you covered in your adventures throughout the Americas. 

    Costa Rica is one of our home bases, and a great location to try out the digital nomad lifestyle, in a country that makes it pretty easy with flexible entry requirements, an open school system, and many English-speakers to help minimize language barrier issues. Most people are very friendly and welcoming to newcomers too, which makes it easy.

    Most Latin American destinations are in time zones that are very friendly for US workers. Especially from Central America it is an easy flight to get back to the US if an emergency comes up. Whether looking for an endless summer on a stretch of deserted beach, or adventures exploring natural wonders, we can help you book your perfect Latin American adventure. 

    Costa Rican Basecamp >
    Polo in Argentina >
    Mexican Temples >
    Safe Southern Brazil >
    Private Island Adventures >

    La Fortuna Waterfall is one of the best places in Costa Rica to travel!

    Popular adventures

    Digital Nomad Family Monday Falls Paraguay

    Digital Nomads with kids

    Andre and I both lived abroad in our 20's, and we are committed to sharing these experiences with our little ones. Since our children were infants we have lived in: Costa Rica, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, and Norway, and we have also travelled to so many countries it is tough to keep count. Learning from books pales with seeing the wonders of the world and experiencing different cultures. We believe in worldschooling and sharing these experiences as a family.

    Traveling the world while both of us working full-time remote jobs and raising children hasn't always been easy. There are many moments when we wished we had a travel service to help us book and maximize the adventures from each location, especially as traveling in the post-pandemic world requires flexibility. I did a ton of research, but couldn't find a travel agent who understood the unique travel needs of families with young children, and the importance of things like good internet for keeping our jobs while we travel. This is why we started Avanjo to fill this need, and help fellow digital nomads with families travel the world the way we have done.

    What our travelers say

    Timea Egypt

    "Going to Egypt was a dream of mine, and I loved learning all about the Egyptian gods. I loved the boat trip down the nile, and the food we ate was amazing.”

    Little Digital Nomad
    Little Digital Nomad
    Synne Nicaragua

    "One of my favorite places we have visited are the islands in Lake Nicaragua. We rented an island all to ourselves, and it came with a cute dog named Capitan.”

    Ziplining Over Montezuma Waterfall
    Ziplining Over Montezuma Waterfall
    Simeon Costa Rica

    "I love visiting my grandchildren in fun locations around the world. Especially Costa Rica where they get me to do things I would never have tried on my own- like ziplining over Montezuma waterfall!”

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